About EuroThaiLink


EuroThaiLink provides news and announcements towards European and other foreigners in Thailand.

We combine all announcements with various SEO tools. The result is a strong  online presence and visibility when foreigners in Thailand search for this kind of product or service.

Promoting your products and services, we use the full spectrum of online media. First of all Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Youtube and LinkedIn. Apart from this, we use e-Newsletters, and a magazine which is both a printed magazine and an eMagazine.

Clients can buy small print runs with their own article included and displayed on the cover.

Please discuss what you need with:

Marketing Director Finn Balslev
Email [email protected]
Phone +66 2 943 7166 ext. 116
Mobile +66 99 189 9942

Hi there! For me, the Euro E-Blast is the most useful service that EuroThaiLink offers. But I am pleased top see the longer lasting SEO value of the message on this platform.